Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Developer Meeting: More on scripting Kate

We are 10 people here at the developer meeting in Berlin. Kate, KDevelop as well as Okteta see a lot of commits. I'll mainly talk about what's happening in the holy Kate land, though :-)
Yesterday I closed a bug requesting an "unwrap" feature in Kate that works like "Tools > Join Lines" but maintains paragraph separation, i.e., empty lines are not removed. This feature is implemented now in javascript. Further infos:
To run the script simply switch to the command line (F7) and write "unwrap". If you have further ideas about useful scripts, don't hesitate to start hacking right away, see also
Fixes with regard to the scripting support in the last days are
Those fixes will be in KDE 4.4.1. More to come in other blog entries :-)


Pawel said...

"Those fixes will be in KDE 4.1.1. More to come in other blog entries :-)"

I think you meant 4.4.1 :>

dhaumann said...

Bah, of course 4.4.1. Mehh :)

Unknown said...

"that works like "Tools > Join Lines" but maintains paragraph separation"

Funny. I was using Kate to "unwrap" a text just last night, and wished it wouldn't remove the paragraphs. And now, a day later, I find it's been implemented. Great stuff! Thanks! :D

dhaumann said...

@teatime: Should multiple empty lines be merged to a single empty line?

Anonymous said...


Do k(ruby|python)pluginfactory work for Kate-plugins?

dhaumann said...

No, only javascript in the katepart.