Monday, October 22, 2007

Once in a while...

...I simply don't get it.
Recently there was this article on about [...]. Well, did you know that Konqueror can do all this, too, and much more? Launch Konqueror, split the view and you can transfer data right away with EVERY protocol KDE supports. ftp, fish, webdav and a lot other protocols. No need for an extra ftp client... In short, Konqueror is the best - and you can even use it on the Linux desktop. I stumbled over this article on about [...]. In Konqueror you can do this for ages, too, the concept is called service menus. And it is very mighty and at the same time very simple to extend. And - if you have a look - there are thousands of context menus available, of course with the slight difference that contributors at don't get 100$ for their work ;)
I wonder why such articles make it to at all. This is a drop of quality, imo. This is not about KDE vs. Gnome. It's about that articles should be objective and consider several alternatives. The first solution you read about isn't always the Holy Grail. Sorry for the rant.

PS: Maybe ed is the best text editor, I still prefer Kate, though. *blah* :-)