Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kate XML Completion Plugin: Help Wanted

In KDE3 Kate had a plugin called "XML Completion Plugin". It was able to list XML elements, attributes and attribute values and entities in a completion popup menu depending on the currently active DTD. For instance, it was able to complete all your KDE/docbook tags and, thus, was one of the best tools for writing KDE documentation.

Unfortunately, this plugin has not been ported to KDE4, yet. So this is a request for developers: Please someone pick it up and make it available for Kate in KDE4.

The location in svn is: trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kate/plugins/xmltools
Just enable this folder in the kate/plugins/CMakeLists.txt file and start porting it. The code completion interface changed quite a lot, but there are other plugins and good api documentation (KTextEditor interfaces, Kate Application interfaces) where you can have a look at how things work.

Having a working XML Completion plugin for KDE4.5 would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Please have a look at playground/devtools/kdevelop4-extra-plugins/xml and talk with the developers. I think double functionality is very very bad.

dhaumann said...

Can you elaborate more what the plugin is supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

@dhaumann I've not yet installed it, I just noticed that there was activity during the last weeks. I'll test it.

Anonymous said...

After some "research":
Ruan is working on a KDevelop-XML-plugin but he has not yet started to implement completion.
(for now you can modify XML using a tree structure, format xml and do validation)
Quote from the ml (
"> did you think about code completion? that would be very useful.
Yes but I am not that familiar with the duchain and how to extend it, the idea
was to do that later and use it for the tree view as-well."
I think you should contact him. ;)

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