Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I miss the applet which shows system usage" one of the comments on Sune's blog. "I won’t call it a a must-have, but I’d love to have it back :D". Well, I call it a must have, that's why I've ported it to KDE4 a week ago:The code is not in svn yet (here is the code for now). I still had issues with correct resizing and believe there was also a bug in the plasma lib when I developed it which seems to be fixed now. I didn't have time for more testing, but finally this has to go in for KDE 4.2 :)
Besides that, I'm not yet content with how the data engine publishs data. The situation is that all system monitor data is extracted in one tick, but I still would like to publish it in three categories: cpu, mem and swap. But if I do so, an applet's dataUpdated() function is called 3 times and that's not what I want. So for now I put the data into the category systemmonitor and named the items cpu-total, cpu-kernel, ..., swap-total, swap-used, mem-total, mem-kernel, mem-cached, ... However the other way of categorization would be better :) Any ideas?