Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Again System Load Viewer

It's in kdeplasma-addons now will be part of KDE 4.3. For those who can't wait we have released version 0.6 for KDE 4.2. I encourage developers to get their hands dirty and make it look even better. Another idea is to automatically use the plasma colors so it visually integrates better into the desktop. It's more than good enough though, as it has all the features of KDE3's System Monitor and some more (like support for showing all CPUs' usage). Have fun :)


Kåre Särs said...


Without this applet it would have been very hard for me to start using KDE 4 :)

One feature request:
guidance-power-manager shows the current cpu frequency. Would it be hard to get that information into the popup of system load view?

dhaumann said...

I think it's even quite easy with the systemmonitor dataengine. If guidance has it already, do we really need it twice? :) The popup will grow quite a bit especially if there are multiple CPUs. Will add this to the idea-section in the TODO file.

Kåre Särs said...

guidance-power-manager is a Kubuntu specific python script that will be removed in Jaunty (9.04) since KDE 4.2 now has PowerDevil.

dhaumann said...

Ah, then it indeed makes sense. Feel free to hack on the plasmoid, if you want :)