Friday, September 29, 2006

Kate: More eye-candy

Two years ago we had the KDE conference in Ludwigsburg, Germany. At that time, Martijn Klingens committed a patch to show trailing spaces in Kate. I just change the visualization a bit, the change is in for KDE4 :) Tabs are marked with a '»' character, and spaces with a dot. On the left you can see the old and on the right the new version; Here is a screenshot:


Jakob Petsovits said...

I like the old version better. It doesn't use characters that can occur in a real text file, and it's reeeeal unobtrusive. Could you perhaps consider reverting it? Not that I'm in the position to ask that from you.

Ignacio said...

I really like the new look! It would be nice if the visualization of tabs and trailing spaces was controlled by different options. I also need to revisit that code and make sure that my indentation lines are still working properly...

Daniel D. said...

Through visually it is appealing, I would like to see how the new tabs fare in my python scripts. This may be a godsent for general text or small scripts. On large scripts it may be obtrusive.

Currently in Kate, there is a clear distinction betveen the tab and dot. There is a chnk of space after a dot that indicates tabs. SO, its not like there is a problem there is to fix.

If this is just "I wander if users will find this better?" kind of hack, I'd go cautious and make it an option:
- simple whitespace makings (where all of them are dots)
- rich white space marking (knock yourself out with fancy glyphs.)

As long as I can switch to simple style, I am happy.

dhaumann said...

@jakob: The old dot looked very similar to the '.'. The characters now are more visible, and after all you can change the color to distinguish them from real characters.

@ignacio: I forgot to mention that the options are separated now, i.e. you can configure whether to show trailing spaces and tabs separately.

@daniel: There is no way to switch back to the old behavior. It does not really make sense to add an option, as it will only clutter our config widgets, which are already pretty messy.