Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you understand the word HTML?

During the Kate developer meeting we also thought about simplifying KWrite and how to make the decision whether KWrite should be launched in full featured mode or in a stripped version. ...well, and we found a really funny idea:

Note, that this would even work, the question would be rather annoying, though :) The solution right now is to always start KWrite in a simple mode. Mostly only actions are hidden in the menus (@distributors: kdelibs/kate/data/katepartsimpleui.rc), but you can also change c++ code at Kate part level, as there are some functions:
  • bool KateDocument::simpleMode() (kate part internal), and
  • bool KTextEditor::Editor::simpleMode() (along with setSimpleMode())
This way config dialogs can be adapted depending on the mode as well. Ah, and if you want the normal mode back, go into the KWrite settings and enable [x] Enable Developer Mode. Then restart KWrite.

PS: Tackat, we came up with this image before our phone call. That's why it was really funny when you said HTML is something that should not be removed. hehe... :)


Georgy said...

Excelent Idea. As simple as it is!

vexorian said...

Meh, when I saw the title and the graph I thought this was about IE8's web standards support...

derdestiller said...

I'm not familiar with your changes or what the difference between simple and normal mode is, but to me it sounds like those are 2 different applications (which is cool because they are using much of the same code)

Unknown said...

how are people going to know that there are two modes for Kate to operate in. If it defaults to a "simple" mode how are you letting us know that there is a "complex" mode. Personally I don't see a reason for two modes, but if you have them you should make switching a piece of cake.

Unknown said...

Horrible idea guys. sorry but that would be annoying and wouldnt necessarily convey the users own desire to have either a simple or advanced text editor mode. The best way to do it is to stick an option in the preferences (like VLC has maybe) and also put a button in the menu somewhere (top rightish or so) that says advanced mode and simple mode and toggle between them using the button. That would put the control back into the users hands, which is where it should be.

Piotr Pełzowski said...

@BSmith1012: No, those who wants to get "control back into the users hands" are advanced users. They don't have any problem with opening configuration and unchecking checbox.

And for non-pro users, for who KWrite's default configuration should be designed,"top rightish or so" button would by confusing.

So change mentioned in this post id win-win situation for everyone :)

Marçal Juan said...

I wanna see a basical Dir Tree view option in the "directory" tab.

Thanks :)

Loïc Marteau said...

Perhaps a stupid question :
Why not specialize kwrite for basic purpose and let power user just use kate ?

Kde need a good (and fast loaded) simple editor to allow the user to quickly edit a text file.

dhaumann said...

@Loïc: Kwrite and Kate use the same editor component behind the scenes. So all the menus etc are the same.
This simple mode is exactly for kwrite being a bit easier to use.

Loïc Marteau said...

dhaumann: thanks for your answer

so the naive question is : do we loose some launch time by using the same complex engine than kate than in fact we dont really completely use in default mode ?

I think launch time is very important for a basic editor, but perhaps this has not real effect on the total launch time ?!


dhaumann said...

No, I believe the launch time is 1:1, as this is just about hiding some items.