Sunday, August 12, 2007

OT: T-Online Software

I had to install the "T-Online Software 5" recently on a Win98 box. Starting the T-Online setup a message popped up:
You need at least Internet Explorer 5.5. Setup terminated!
Sigh, I found a IE5.5 offline setup. Next try:
You need at least a resolution of 800x600. Setup terminated!
I found the graphics card chip, installed the drivers and switched the resolution. Next try:
The language version of the OS is not German. Setup terminated!
Now that is clearly how software should not work. It seems to be impossible to install the T-Online software. I would install Linux, but it's quite a change for a ~90 years old user :(


eliasp said...

Some years ago (I think it was around ~96) I've used T-Online too.
It was also possible using a common Windows Dial-Up connection. by connecting the different logindata to one string.

Regards, Elias P.

dhaumann said...

Yes, I'm using a dialup connection now. Not software needed, it's still very stupid :)

Unknown said...

Why not switch the user to GNU/Linux?
Set up Ubuntu or Kubuntu to auto-login, put shortcuts to the dial-up on the desktop, along with a browser.
Let them know what is there, and that there's more stuff available in the menus.

Let them try it!

dhaumann said...

He uses Turbo Pascal and QBasic for programming. Searching for alternatives or setting things up in a dosbox is complicated - for a 90 years old :)