Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deeply impressed...

Hey, I wasn't aware there was another one who did not get his luggage at all in Glasgow. I traveled from Frankfurt(Germany) to London (Heathrow) and then on to Glasgow. When I arrived, my luggage was missing. British Airways told me it would still be in London but it should arrive the same day and they would bring it to the Euro Hostel - cool :) How naive! Of course it did not arrive... and it didn't arrive the whole week.
The online status always said "Still tracing, check back later". When I flew back I asked at the Glasgow airport again and was told they can not see more than what I see online. When I asked whether they could call London/Heathrow by phone they said in London/Heathrow 20.000 bags are missing so it would be pointless. If the system is so unreliable, why don't they simply close the airport. moo
When I arrived in London I asked again, and a BA-service guy told me he could see that my luggage was being sent to Glasgow by road. By road??? Hell, it takes them 1 hour by plane, so what? And I even told them that I would leave this day. So why to Glasgow at all now?
Well, finally I sat in the plane... which ironically had a delay because it had one bag too much. Hey, that could have been mine... :)
Back in Frankfurt I asked again, and at least this time they were capable of changing the destination address to where I live in Germany. Strange, I told them in Glasgow in the first place, but they seem to be pretty much incapable... :)
So here we go: Back in Germany... in the meanwhile I wondered whether I'd see my bag ever again. Today, almost 2 weeks later, the state incredibly changed to "Received at the airport, delivery in progress". Wow, I'm deeply impressed... really great job. Wait: at which airport? Glasgow? London? Frankfurt? Or somewhere else in the world? *sigh*
So in short: I still don't have my luggage back... :)


Unknown said...

Heathrow is such a piece of crap airport, even our pilot was ragging on it while we waited for ground control to give us a takeoff queue number. I lost my luggage there on my way to Berlin last month, but I was lucky enough to get it back (3 days later). I would be in some trouble if I had lost it for good -- I'm pretty simple in the way I dress and since it was a long trip I had 3/4 of all the clothes I own in that bag. Hope you get your luggage soon!

dhaumann said...

hi Celeste.
it's pretty much the same for me: I'm missing my best clothes now. Let's see, hope dies last :)

kaba said...

... and the story goes on. I bet some day your luggage arrives back here when you don't expect it. Maybe they'll send it in november as a birthday present ;)