Sunday, January 07, 2007

Developer Wiki Structure

The last friday we had 20 people on IRC in #kde-www, that is a lot compared to the 2-5 people usually sticking around there. Some of those 20 are quite active in the techbase wiki so that we have a constant flow of commits. However, there is still a lot of work to do: Migrating tutorials, architecture pages, and more. As you probably know MediaWiki is usually a flat wiki, that is all pages are usually placed in the top. For instance, this is how Wikipedia works. On KDE's techbase wiki we wanted to have a structure even in the URL if possible. It turned out we were lucky because MediaWiki has a features called sub-pages. In short, a sub-page is something like a parent-child relation (like a sub-folder), and the benefits for us are
  • they automatically provide us with a hierarchy which is reflected in the URL itself
  • automatically generated backlinks provide easy navigation
For further information, read the page about our wiki structure.

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toscalix said...

Great news from KDE. I have written a extended comment about it in my blog: