Sunday, August 20, 2006


Last week I moved to Skövde in Sweden. It's a middle-sized town (about 50000 inhabitants iirc) in the central of Sweden just between the two big seas. The weather is quite nice still and so far everything looks interesting. I did not see an elk yet, though :)

In order to have internet access I have to go into a shopping mall. This makes KDE development a bit harder for me as I used to be in contact via IRC a lot and use the web as api reference. That's it for now :)

update 2006-08-21: Skövde has about 50000 inhabitants.


Jeff said...

Welcome to Sweden! Hope you'll like it!

(My parental home is Falköping, a smaller town near Skövde, so I know the area. It's a really great area and Skövde is a really nice town.)

dhaumann said...

Thanks for the welcome. We just got an introduction about the surroundings here, and Falköping was one of the towns we are recommended to visit. Let's see... :)